Guiding Black Americans on their Financial Journey

BlackMoneyIsGreen was created to make personal finance relevant to Black Americans in a way that meets our unique needs.

Let’s face it…all personal finance information isn’t created equal. What works for some might not work for others. And what works for people who have historically had access to money doesn’t quite resonate in the same way to those who never talked about money issues around the kitchen table.

Our mission at BlackMoneyisGreen is to democratize money and wealth creation in a way that is uniquely Black. We aren’t interested in making money matters complex and using big words to explain what you should do with your money. We want to help Black Americans make informed financial decisions and do so through bite-sized advice and recommendations that are reasonable and measurable.

Tomorrow starts today. Take control of your financial life and build the wealth you deserve for you and your family with one simple step. Subscribe to BlackMoney365 and begin your wealth building journey today.

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